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Relationship Manager
Job Description -

1. Roles of Relationship Manager
Generate prospects from showroom walk-in, telephone enquiries
Generate cold calls from field to create 3 prospects each day.
Generate prospects from mails and web site.
Enquiries to be entered in iPad of the Prospects with complete details of the customer.
Demonstration and test drive to be given to the customer.
Closing and negotiation.
Sales Process to be strictly followed.
Present at the time of delivery.
Undergo training on Sales, Product and Product Demo.
Distribution of pamphlets and leaflets in different ways.
Undergo all the iPad formalities such as mails to the customer, quotation, delivery check list, follow-up, TD,home visits, mirroring, delivery checklist and watching iPad related video’s daily once.

2. Relationship Manager’s Responsibility
Active enquiry/target vs. achieved on booking and retails,
TD and home Visit, Corporate sales,
Event activity, Reference,
Enquiry Generated,
Zero complaints from the customer.

3. Appearance and Attitude
To be in NEXA uniform for all the working days.
To be clean shaved and in combed Hair.
Shoes to be polished.
Should carry all documents and details related to Product on field visit with sales Kit and iPad
Wish and greet the customer on all occasion.
Be polite at any circumstances.
Give appropriate communication to the customer.
No false commitment to the customer.
Respect your senior and don’t argue for unnecessary things. Try to understand what SM, TDM, Admin HR Manager, QM and Sr. RM wants to communicate about the job related queries.
No games or any other software to be found apart from official software setup in your iPads.

  • Exp. 3 Years
  • City - Bangalore
  • Qualification - Graduate
  • Vacancies - 10
Sr. Relationship Manager
Job Description -

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